“Our website is designed only for wholesalers”

Sales Agreement




Hereby Ti-Sert Sales Agreement (from now on, it will be referred birefly as  “Sales Agreement”) is consisted of this contract and its enclosures, is written between Ti-Sert Ibrahim Sert  and the entity who registers (it will be mentioned as “user” in short from now on)  www.tisert.com.tr in order to clarify the sales conditions upon registration and its approval electronically by the user.

The user acquiesces and decleares to read, understand and confirm the entire User Agreement and the Sales Agreement below by registering to this website.




3.1. The scope of the Sales Agreement is the services provided on this website, the  terms of use of services and the rights and obligations of the parties.


3.2. The extent of the Sales Agreement is the sales agreement, its enclosures and all other  declarations, descriptions, warnings and explanations written by Ti-Sert in relation to usage and services.


3.3. The user acquiesces all the provisions of this Sales Agreement; all the content in the website related to services and confirms to behave in accordance with any statment decleared by Ti-Sert Company.





4.1. It is not allowed to do any transaction for people who is 18 years old or younger and the ones who does not meet the requirements of registration.



4.2. The  legal rate of vat is %8 for  fish food (except:Tartafood,Rugafood,Tartafood Big) and products  which  manufactered from  fiber  and felt , and it is %18  for  other  products.



4.3. Ti-Sert  Company  accepts  all the  responsibility of  system  errors and  price  faults.
        On the other hand, the user  has to follow  any update for the  prices  on the web site



4.4. In case of the orders for the products appear on the website as if available in the stock despite being out of stock:

      If the order is given by bank transfer, the amount paid will be refunded in case of failure of the delivery of the order due to stock out. 



4.5. Products sold  on this  website  are  under  the warranty of the importer and  the manufacturer companies.



4.6. Ti-Sert  Company is the only responsible  for  all the information content of  the  web site.



4.7. The delivery time to cargo company is 2-7 days after the bank transfer is realized.



4.8 .Ti-Sert Company confirms and decleares that all the products exhibited on this website have the free circulation and they are in accordance with the customs legislation of Repulic of Turkey.



4.9. The user has to make a bank transfer for completing the order.

        The  order is cancelled if  bank transfer  is not realized within one week.

        Other payment methods  aren’t accepted  by Ti-Sert Company..




4.10. Ti-Sert   Company does not have any contract with any Cargo Company.

         The  orders  are  delivered  to cargo  according to the user preferences.



4.11. The price of the product seen on the website does not include the transportation cost. The transportation cost has to met by the user. 



4.12. Ti-Sert Company does not accept any responsiblıty for any possible delay of the cargo company.



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