“Our website is designed only for wholesalers”

Terms of Use



Hereby this Usage Agreement has been prepared by the company Ti-Sert to determine the rules and conditions for login of registered users to the website www.tisert.com.tr.


The entity who registers (it will be mentioned as “user” in short from now on) to www.tisert.com.tr declares that all the personal and corporate information mentioned are true; if the contrary exists, the user accepts all the damages which then may suffer.


The user accepts all the responsibility of shipment errors  in case of incorrect information given by the user.


The user states not to share the password for login with third parties; otherwise Ti-Sert Company has the right to claim the compensation for all kinds of possible claims and demand of the third parties against to Ti-Sert Company due to the unauthorized usage.


The user acquiesces not sending messages that contrary to the general code of ethics, not attainting the names of the individuals or institutions and not copying of the unauthorized website content while using www.tisert.com.tr.


Only Ti-Sert Company has the right to accept a membership of a user, and if necessary terminate it.


The user acquiesces to monitor the price changes from the website, otherwise the user would not claim any right.


The user confirms to receive information as e-mail notifications to registered email address and as sms to registered mobile phones

The user possesses the right to inform Ti-Sert Company for not receiving any sms or any email notifications by sending an email to 

Ti-Sert Company is responbile for all the information content of  the website, the user is not responsible for any damages which may arise due to incorrect information.


The user cannot transfer the user rights and obligations whether partially or completely to any third party without the written consent of Ti-Sert Company


The name of the internet service provider , the IP address, the date and the time of accessing to the website, and the information about the pages accessed when the user is online can be collected within the borders of the legal framework.


Hereby in the context of this User Agreement, the user has the criminal liability if violates one or more provisions, Ti-Sert Company will be free from any criminal consequences; Ti-Sert Company has the right to claim the compensation in case of any damage arising from any violation of this User Agreement.


In case of any dispute may arise, the provisions of this agreement will be implemented primarily, and in absence of any provisions the current Turkish legislation will be implemented.


In case of any dispute may arise, T.C. İstanbul Merkez Mahkemeleri and İcra Müdürlükleri will be authorized for the implementation of the agreement.

When the user registers and gets the password after filling the user registration from, this agreement enters in force indefinetely. 

Ti-Sert Company may terminate this contract unilaterally at any time.