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A story started in 1977 with the production of aquarium accessories and today it is progresing with the production of wider range for all pet products. "The top quality focus" and the desire to obtain always "The Best" has helped the position company as a successful and trustful company in Turkish market. The investments for the national market contributes to the development of the pet sector,while ıts strategy of extending worlwide helps ıt grow strongly and steadily.

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Hydor is an electromechanical company founded in 1984 in US aquariology market. Thanks to its numerous patents filed all over the world, Hydor has been able to rapidly gain the trust and admiration of both customers and consumers, thanks to the excellent quality of its products. The company is continuously increasingly specializing in high-quality products for marine aquarium enthusiasts, offering - as it has always done - high-performing items with original features.

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Any efficient product for ornamental aquariums does not appear overnight. It is the result of vast experience based on an extraordinary and detailed knowledge of fish. Prodac international has this extensive experience dating back to 1975, when the company began to research, develop and manufacture suitable and specific products of vital importance to the fish-keeping market. The company's strategy to manufacture their products only in Italy has proven to be rewarding, with successful sales in many countries.

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Wild World Bıcı Bıcı

It is a TISERT brand that designed to meet all kind of needs of our birds, the joy of our home. Bird toys, bird baths, and feeders are intended to cater every taste with variety in colors with TISERT quality.

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Specialized in the field of cat litter; the products composed of silica gel with millions of micro-pores in its chemical structure, it can easily absorb the smell and all the moisture. Its quality well known all over the world is the best selecetion for your cat.

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A TISERT brand MIO has aimed to bring the Italian quality and flavor to our little friends. With its plastic feeders and cat litters, it is aimed to expand its product range.

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The experience of many years of researches focused on the refrigeration field has allowed the creation of new generation cooling units with high performances but also with considerable energy savings for environment protection. A wide range of cooling units in Acquariology and Acquacolture fields are constantly growing and need a reliable instrument to achieve the natural water temperature and preserve in this way the life of the aquarium.

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Lost Civilizations, Magic World, Atlantis...
Hydor is bringing the tales, stories, myths into your aquarium, to your home with its aquarium decoration sets.

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BEAKS, which was created in 2017, aims to provide effective solutions for bird and rodent acessories. Patented bird and rodent food box design has attracted great interest from all over the world.

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